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Arundel Castle.

Midnight was appointed to deliver a comprehensive media relations campaign to increase national and regional awareness of Arundel Castle, enhance the profile of its historical and educational offer and deliver the Castle’s first social media campaign.

The campaign has delivered excellent results for the Castle, significantly raising its presence in the media and, most importantly, ensuring news from the Castle is shared with a broad audience.

Our challenge:

  • Increase national awareness and maintain visitor numbers
  • Communicate the Castle’s 950th anniversary
  • Position the Annual Tulip Festival as one of the largest in the UK
  • Promote each of the Castle’s key events during its open season, with a particular focus on the Jousting and Medieval Tournament in July
  • Increase social media audience and engagement

Campaign activity:

  • Implementation of press visits system
  • Create annual Press Open Weekend during the late May bank holiday to coincide with the Castle Siege event
  • Mini campaigns focusing on the Annual Tulip Festival and the Jousting and Medieval Tournament
  • Profile key spokespeople for interview, e.g. Martin Duncan, Head Gardener
  • Regular and engaging posts via Facebook and Twitter on behalf of the Castle


  • Over 700 items of coverage so far this year
  • Potential reach over 800m
  • Coverage in national press including i, Sunday/Daily Express, The Telegraph,Sunday Mirror, The Times, The Guardian, Evening Standard
  • This year’s broadcast coverage included BBC Breakfast, Channel 4, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, Radio Sussex and Surrey, ITV Meridian, BBC One South
  • Regular coverage in Travel Trade, Family and Gardening press
  • Created an engaged social media community for Arundel Castle from scratch with over 8k Facebook likes and over 3.7k Twitter followers… with no promotional budget.
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