Sushi Daily

Midnight’s task

Sushi Daily is an international sushi franchise with counters in over 800 locations across Europe, including over 100 in the UK, in chosen Waitrose and Asda stores.

Midnight was tasked with promoting Sushi Daily as a stand-alone brand in the UK, within key trade, national and regional publications.

Campaign activity

Our campaign included conducting market research into the lunch-time eating habits of Brits and rolling out research-driven stories to targeted national and regional papers.

Midnight capitalised on Sushi Daily’s new counter stories, conducting PR within the regional location and in the trade press.

The campaign also targeted food and lifestyle press with news of new products with the opportunity to review.

Our results

  • 43 items of coverage between September-December 2019.
  • Total potential audience reach of over 8.8m.
  • 124 brand mentions.
  • 25% of the coverage included a backlink.
  • 44% of the coverage was featured in a national title.
  • National coverage including Daily Mail, Metro, Sun

"The Midnight team has been fantastic to work with - great ideas and great contacts. Midnight has really elevated our brand through national exposure in the likes of The Grocer and The Metro, as well as equally valuable local press. It's been a really fun and rewarding journey."

Annabel Brimacombe, Marketing Manager UK, KellyDeli/Sushi Daily

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