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Crown Records Management.

CASE STUDY: How business research surveys can amplify marketing spend

1 in 5 IT decision

Market research surveys have long been a useful tool in the PR professional’s armoury, providing a news imperative for the media and a valuable hook for client messages.

Research surveys are not just the preserve of fluffy consumer polls; they can be invaluable in building a thought-leadership position for a wide variety of business-to-business brands; a vital content building tool for use across the full marketing and sales spectrum.

Crown Records Management, a specialist information management company advising clients across numerous vertical industry sectors, appointed Midnight to support the next phase of its growth.

As part of a multi-faceted PR and thought-leadership campaign, Midnight devised and commissioned a research project to poll the views of IT decision makers across key industries on a range of major issues. The results were analysed, sliced and tailored to maximise media placements.


Midnight’s research campaign on behalf of Crown Records Management has:

  • Delivered vital business intelligence, a barometer of the views of professionals across eight industry sectors
  • Generated media coverage in almost 100 business and industry titles from all eight sectors – including news, feature and opinion articles
  • Provided the basis for two white papers – compelling ‘door openers’ for the sales and marketing teams, with excellent results
  • Generated outstanding anecdotal feedback from clients, consolidating the brand’s thought-leadership position
  • Inspired a webinar attended by hundreds of IT professionals, with the associated benefits of post-event data capture
  • Enhanced client’s SEO performance, to record levels
  • Driven social media engagement on Twitter and amongst the media community


“Since working with Midnight we’ve seen record results. The impact of the editorial coverage has been very significant but the value of the content that Midnight generates goes beyond PR and also amplifies our marketing comms. Midnight is a true business partner, a real extension of the marketing team. I could not do my job without them!”

Crown Records Management

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