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Crown Worldwide.

In 1965 US entrepreneur Jim Thompson set up a corporate relocations business from a tiny cubicle in Yokohama, Japan, with just a thousand dollars in capital. Fifty years later, he had grown his business into Crown Worldwide – one of the largest logistics groups in the world, with 800m USD turnover operating from 265 offices in some 60 countries.

Midnight Communications was appointed to ensure that Crown Worldwide’s clients, prospects and staff were aware of the 50th anniversary to be celebrated across the globe.

Our campaign included: broadcast media pitches, creative news development and a global entrepreneurship-focused editorial campaign.


Midnight’s campaign on behalf of Crown Worldwide has:

  • Reached over one billion people
  • Engaged business audiences in over 200 countries
  • Generated national, business and regional coverage in 16 individual countries
  • Secured high profile media coverage including: CNN International’s Quest Means Business, BBC World Service Business Matters, CNBC.com, MSN.com, Yahoo! Finance; Reuters, marketwatch.com.
  • Delivered over 90 items of coverage for the 50th anniversary
  • Provided rich, enduring collateral produced to share across web, social and comms
  • Engaged staff – entries secured from 26 countries, 36 offices, to internal photo competition


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