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Midnight is on an exciting path to sustainability, one that’s driven by a shared passion with you, our clients, team and partners. It’s our mission to reach Climate Net Zero by 2030, and we’re looking forward to the journey ahead.

We don’t have all the answers yet. What we do know is that when it comes to this commitment, emissions reduction will be our number one priority. And we will take the time to develop our offsetting strategy to ensure it is best practice, identifying high quality offsets that are verified, transparent and permanent.

In our pledge, there’s good news for you too. As we craft a greener future, every collaboration with us will help to lighten your carbon footprint, too. Our 2022 carbon analysis is more than numbers, it’s a promise for action. We’re embracing innovation, championing energy efficiency, and ensuring every part of our business respects our precious planet.

Working with us means choosing a partner who’s committed to a better world.

Our plans for the next decade are bold and achievable, with each step a step forward for our natural world.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and make that positive, meaningful impact a reality.

Zeroing in on change

Our journey began with a simple realisation: to improve, we first needed to understand. After all, if we we’re not measuring our carbon footprint, how do we know we’re making progress?

So, we signed up to the University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform and sent one of our employees on three of its Net Zero 360 workshops. The training helped us to understand how to use the Clean Growth UK Carbon Calculator, a powerful tool that empowers organisations like ours to measure their carbon footprint comprehensively and accurately. This tool covers all three scopes of carbon emissions, as defined by the globally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Our initial step was to measure our Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions for the year 2022. This baseline data was essential in helping us understand the amount of emissions we needed to reduce or offset to reach Net Zero by 2030.

The carbon calculation

Scope 1 emissions represent those that an organisation generates directly, such as the use of natural gas for heating or fuel for company-owned vehicles.

While minimising gas and heating use is an ongoing challenge, our fortunate location in the vibrant coastal city of Brighton and Hove significantly reduces our need for excessive driving. As a result, our Scope 1 emissions remained relatively low, measuring 1800kg CO2 equivalent (CO2e) in 2022.

Scope 2 emissions, on the other hand, are indirect emissions released from the production of energy we purchase. In 2022, this amounted to approximately 2900kg CO2e.  

Scope 3 emissions encompass all other indirect emissions within our value chain. For us, this included factors such as nights spent in overseas and UK hotels, business miles travelled, daily employee commutes, waste production, mains water consumption and purchased good and services. This culminated in a total of 27,371kg CO2e.

The final result? In 2022 we were responsible for 34.7 metric tonnes of CO2e.

Quick eco-wins

Armed with this data, we shifted our focus to quick wins – small changes that could be implemented within six months or less.

We knew we wanted to upgrade our office, so we chose a central location, right on the intersection of Brighton and Hove to ensure we were an easy walking commute for the vast majority of our team.

We invested in a lively coral pink Brompton bicycle (in line with our new branding, of course) to give our team a quicker commute and one that minimised the need for car or bus travel, extending the offer to the whole team with a promise to buy up to four Bromptons if needed.

We also transitioned to a paper-light operation with a strong digital focus. We launched a new website in July 2023 and chose a green server to host it. Did you know, web-related emissions contribute to approximately 4% of global carbon emissions, an impact equivalent to that of the entire aviation industry!  

During our office move, we made the decision to relocate to a workspace designed with sustainability in mind. Featuring lampshades and desk dividers crafted from recycled plastic bottles, and plant pots made using wind power.

A greener future

Looking ahead, we’re in the process of developing a long-term action plan to address any remaining emissions. This will involve researching and selecting the right offsetting pathways and collaborating with consultants and third-party advisors to ensure a legitimate path toward Net Zero.

That’s where you come in. Our goal is to join forces with like-minded partners and clients, ensuring a collective effort throughout our supply chain. By working together, we can create a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

Midnight is more than a communications agency; we’re hoping to be a catalyst for positive change, and we’re excited about the journey ahead. Together, let’s build a brighter, greener future for all.

The first step? Join us in signing up to the SME Climate Hub and make your pledge to reach net zero emissions.