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Midnight is a leading public relations agency, with a strong track record in helping businesses tap into the power of PR to help them reach their commercial goals.

Over the last 26 years we’ve helped major global corporations and innovative business starts-ups alike to succeed.

We offer a powerful mix of strategic PR consultancy, results-driven media relations campaigns and a comprehensive range of related content services.

We can be autonomous, though we thrive on working with marketing departments or the senior leadership teams to help them get the most from their PR investment. We work closely with our clients to ensure that, where possible, our creative ideas and the content we generate have a life beyond the PR campaign.

Very often our campaigns will fuel a series of marketing initiatives and can provide valuable sales collateral, too.

As well as PR and media relations, we provide copywriting services to many of our business-to-business clients, delivering in-depth research reports, white papers, e-shots, social media content and website collateral.

Our in-house videographer provides an additional layer of value to our offer to business-to business clients. Many of our clients benefit from video content including ‘talking heads’ expert videos, client testimonials, brand films, case studies, and more.

Our services include:


Since working with Midnight we’ve seen record results. The impact of the editorial coverage has been very significant but the value of the content that Midnight generates goes beyond PR and also amplifies our marketing comms. Midnight is a true business partner, a real extension of the marketing team. I could not do my job without them!
Jane Margetts, Marketing Manager, UKINE, Crown Worldwide

I’m a great fan of everything Midnight do for us. They have taken the time to understand not just what we do, but where we want to get to and how we want to get there. They have researched the way our market works. They’re delivering a strong PR strategy for us, review it regularly and help with media training too. In terms of measurable activities and outcomes, I’m never convinced PR works this way and I do often wonder what happens if we save the money and go without it. It’s a bit like an insurance premium, rather not incur the cost, but want the safety net! Midnight send us monthly e-mails of our PR activity and a quarterly report with copies of everything that has appeared in the media. They also track commentary about us that is not sourced by either us or them. Quite simply, I’d have no hesitation in recommending Midnight Communications...
David Waters, Former MD & Owner, CHIS & Primecare

Our experience with Midnight Communications and all their staff has been excellent. They have shown themselves to be knowledgeable, effective and extremely responsive to what is, for us, an ever changing and developing market. We would unreservedly recommend them
Roger Ferguson, Managing Director, Waste Knot Energy

“I highly recommend the services of Midnight. As you might expect, they are highly creative and very well connected. In addition to this they are proactive, responsive and highly motivated to achieve success and smash our targets. They understand our business and are a pleasure to work with…”
Clifford Thomas, Head of Business Development, The Letting Partnership

From the outset of our relationship Midnight has been enthusiastic about developing a relationship with us, and their productivity levels have always remained consistent and they have remained proactive with their PR activities and in their attention to our business objectives and marketing goals. They have also invited us to numerous events over the year and have made a particular effort to develop a personal relationship at every possible opportunity. Something that I value highly. The staff are very helpful, friendly and have always been a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend their services to other businesses who are looking for PR support.
BSW Building Services Ltd

We approached Midnight during a critical period in our development. We needed to take a new message to our clients, as well as attract new ones to our much more sophisticated proposition. Midnight supported us through exploring how we could communicate our proposition to our clients and supported all of our fee earners and support team in raising their own profile and that of the company through some very well placed thought leadership pieces. We the team incredibly supportive – providing both strong advisory and support in creating copy and campaigns. We noticed a significant difference in both how our clients perceived us and the increased confidence with which our fee earners talked about our proposition.
Tom Blower, Managing Director, Black Isle Group

When I was tasked with finding a PR agency, I knew who I wanted to work with. Having previously worked with Midnight, I knew from experience that their team would go out of their way to get to know Trethowans; the people in the business and what we have to offer. Although we’re based in the South, our clients are country-wide and with Midnight’s contacts they find us opportunity for coverage in publications across the UK, as well as boosting our regional presence. We take pride in working with likeminded businesses who exhibit similar values to our people, no nonsense and no egos. Midnight is a fantastic extension to our marketing team who exhibit those values too.
Kirsty Hughes, Marketing Manager, Trethowans

We've been working with Midnight Communications for the last two years and they've revolutionised our marketing comms and PR during that time. Our profile has risen considerably and Midnight has secured a number of PR opportunities in professional magazines and across TV and radio. I very much consider Midnight as one of the team; they offer professional guidance and support for our Partnership and I look forward to continuing that professional relationship.
Caroline Wood, Director, Coastal West Sussex Partnership

"At MAG Interactive for years we'd flown below the radar, quietly getting on with our work. When it came to attracting new talent we realised that not enough people knew we existed, so turned to Midnight for a campaign that put us on the map. The result was coverage that not only gave us a digital footprint, but one which got across the tone and personality of our company..."
David Amor, General Manager, MAG Interactive

"The Midnight team has been fantastic to work with - great ideas and great contacts. Midnight has really elevated our brand through national exposure in the likes of The Grocer and The Metro, as well as equally valuable local press. It's been a really fun and rewarding journey."
Annabel Brimacombe, UK Marketing Manager, Sushi Daily

“I've been a client of Midnight for three years and consider them a valuable partner. They are creative, responsive, organised and incredibly passionate. I've worked with plenty of PR agencies and Midnight are the best by a long way. They are a good size for an agency - big enough to have a great network of journalists, experience and contacts, but small enough to care and to treat everyone like their most important clients. And perhaps most importantly they are great fun to work with, full of energy and ideas to help increase reach and generate growth…”
Darren Milton, Chief Marketing Officer, Boundless

I like to work with honest people, and I have to say all the team at Midnight are all so honest and down to earth, which makes meetings, communication planning and 'brain-dumping' that much easier! Really nice team and great work-ethic, and no egos which is so refreshing! And importantly, some fantastic ideas and implementation that have helped enhance our branding and communications. Thank you, team
Elliott Wallis, Marketing Manager, Arch Insurance

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