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Sky Sports Living for Sport.

Midnight Communications handled the media relations for Sky Sports Living for Sport (SSLFS) on behalf of the Youth Sport Trust for five years.

The free UK secondary schools initiative, delivered by the Youth Sport Trust in partnership with Sky Sports, used sport stars and sport skills to improve the lives of young people.

Midnight’s campaign on behalf of SSLFS focused on raising awareness of the initiative in order to drive school registrations, succeeding in repeatedly achieving this key measurable target many weeks ahead of schedule.

Our annual campaigns focused on the profiling inspirational Athlete Mentor visits to schools, utilising a broad range of media tactics and innovative approaches to secure unprecedented volumes of coverage in a highly efficient way.

Our creative input was instrumental to the launch of a number of initiatives, including a year-long editorial campaign based on the British Athletes Commission’s ‘A Six Keys to Success’.

Midnight also devised the Sky Sports Living for Sport Awards to celebrate the progress students had made over the course of the year, a formula which grew and grow, including featuring David Beckham in a televised award ceremony.

In addition Midnight launched the social media campaign for SSLFS, building the communities from scratch to a 15,000 strong Twitter following and almost 6,000 strong Facebook fan-base.


  • Achieved key measurable target of having 1,500 schools signed up for the initiative, six weeks ahead of schedule
  • A total of 773 items of press coverage, including broadcast, specialist sport, education and regional media
  • total audience reach of 165 million
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