Video Content Production and Marketing Agency

People watch more than 500 million hours of video on YouTube each day and are twice as likely to share videos on social media than text and images combined. This makes video content a wickedly effective promotional tool and essential to modern marketing campaigns.

Planning, filming and editing video content is just the beginning. Companies must employ a comprehensive video marketing strategy to drive people to find, play and watch their videos. Only then can they fully reap the benefits.

Midnight is a professionally-equipped and award-winning film producer that also provides video marketing services. What’s more, we can combine video content creation with public relations, events management or social media support to create tailored communications campaigns, which comprehensively support businesses. You can see some of our work here.

Our Video Content Services

We provide a complete range of video content creation services, including video marketing techniques:

Midnight’s video content creation service starts at the planning stages. Our creative team can help conceive great ideas for videos, then work on the scripts and storyboards. We compile a shoot plan, on which clients can designate specific elements they wish to be filmed (e.g. parts of events).

Our standard service includes a one person, one camera crew. Professionally equipped and highly mobile we capture the action as it unfolds. Note: Our standard filming service does not include interviews (e.g. with staff members or event artists / attendees).

This option adds our former national newspaper journalist to the filming crew. His job is to extract useful comment from interviewees on camera. This might be inspirational words from a manager for a corporate video, or glowing reports from event attendees to add credibility to an after movie. We can also add additional cameras and crew members as required.

We have an expert video editing team, as well as an editing studio equipped with the latest computer equipment and software. This means we can turn around projects quickly and efficiently, keeping costs to a minimum.

We can place videos in key media outlets or blogs, market them across social media, incorporate into websites to enhance search engine positioning, share with customers via targeted e-newsletters and much more. This helps ensure videos reach the maximum audience possible.

We produce a wide range of video content, if what you need is not listed then please feel free to ask:

Featuring staff members or figures from senior management, these convey a company’s culture or brand through interview snippets and cut scenes showcasing a business’ key achievements, customers or work locations. These can be marketed externally or internally.

Short, high impact videos that showcase the focal points of an event or new product (for example), averaging between 15 and 30 seconds in length. Engaging and powerful to encourage shares and engagement, these keep people watching until the end.

At around two minutes in length, trailers contain more detail. They might contain a new product’s main features, the themes and issues being addressed in a conference or the artist line-up of a music event. These are a perfect follow-up to teaser trailers, building excitement and hype online.

After movies are a fantastic way to show people just how good events were, essential to subsequent promotional campaigns and make a wonderful keepsake. Promoted across social media platforms and averaging between three and five minutes in length, they generate a huge amount of engagement and discussion. People who attended the event will enjoy spotting themselves and those who didn’t will be more likely to come to the next one.

Client testimonials, case studies or interview clips (e.g. featuring performing artists or celebrities booked to appear at an event) on topics relevant and of interest to target audiences generate engagement and discussion online. Awards schemes may require interview clips to introduce companies shortlisted for production purposes. We can do this too!

Adverts remain a popular form of video content and have a broad range of broadcast options. These include traditional and digital television spots, but also social media platforms such as Facebook. This makes adverts more cost effective than ever before and target audiences almost infinitely definable.

These are great for demonstrating to customers exactly how a product or service works, or how to complete a task relevant to the industry a company operates in. Making this sort of information immediately available to people online is very important.

We can market video content featuring company spokespeople commenting on relevant news stories to the press. This might be used on the video section of a national newspaper’s website, or even broadcast on the news.

Video blogs, or vlogs are a cost-effective way for a business to increase its brand awareness and drive traffic to its website. Featuring staff members providing expert advice, they can be used to target specific issues that customers struggle with or inspire thought leadership.

“Thank you so much for yesterday - Tim and I were so impressed with the professionalism and enthusiasm shown by Midnight. I am now really excited to see the end results!”

BRITA Vivreau

Who We Work For

The clients we provide video content services to include businesses both large and small across a diverse range of industries, including:

  • Large corporates and SMEs
  • Events companies
  • Leisure outlets
  • Tourist attractions
  • Music producers, brands and DJs

Some of our clients, past and present, include:

  • BRITA Vivreau
  • Crown Worldwide
  • Play Unified
  • Passion (leading dance music brand)
  • The Emporium (nightclub)
  • Chrysalis Fitness & Nutrition Lab
  • Brighton & Hove Business Awards
  • Sussex Business Awards

"Midnight is key to our promotion, producing fantastic video trailers, teaser clips and after movies before marketing these across social media to drive ticket sales and build hype around our events."


Video Case Studies

BRITA Vivreau

The Swan at Streatley invested in Vivreau’s Table Water Bottling System for its restaurant service and a ViTap Plus for its new gym and spa. Our case study video won Gold at the Sussex Digital Awards 2017, beating off seven other candidates.

The judges said they were impressed with how we made what might have been a dry or complicated subject easy to understand and interesting.

Utilising our media contacts, we placed the film in the digital edition of ‘Eat Out’, a major food publication for cafe owners.


This is a leading dance music brand held at The Emporium, a 2,500 capacity superclub in Coalville, Leicestershire. We are integrated into Passion’s promotional campaign, filming each event and producing after movies for dissemination on Facebook. We also edit animated trailers to build hype around the events and drive ticket sales.

Crown Worldwide

Specialising in industries such as world mobility, relocations, records management and fine art, Crown prides itself in keeping its employees engaged and up to date with the business. We work closely with Crown’s team to produce regular internal marketing and branding videos, which share key achievements and aspirations from across the company.

Brighton & Hove Food & Drink Awards

We filmed the packed Brighton & Hove Food & Drink Awards at Pub du Vin in Brighton, carrying out interviews with some of the finalists and winners then producing a special after movie to commemorate the event. Brighton has some of the finest food outlets in the world, we always get hungry when we watch this video!