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BRITA Vivreau.

Midnight was appointed in February 2016 to conduct a B2B PR campaign on behalf of BRITA Vivreau, a global leader in the development and manufacture of purified drinking water systems.

Moving on from its success in the hospitality sector with its flagship product, the Table Water Bottling System, BRITA Vivreau was looking to diversify into different target sectors with a tailored PR campaign to generate awareness of its new ViTap product.

Midnight’s campaign focusses on the facilities management, build, care and education sectors, as well as keeping the brand front of mind within the hospitality press.


  • Raise awareness of Vivreau’s brand and products within target media
  • Identify lead generating opportunities
  • Challenge the assumption that water chillers are the best solution
  • Position BRITA Vivreau as the leading provider of environmentally responsible on-site water bottling systems


  • Negotiate and secure media partnerships with top tier sector titles
  • Create written and video case studies from Vivreau clients in different sectors
  • Secure by-lined articles and feature contributions in relevant top tier titles
  • Distribute creative press releases regarding Vivreau company news, exhibition attendance and products

Results (2017):

  • 100 total press items
  • 73% top tier hits
  • Potential reach of 2.4m
  • 60 articles published
  • Four written case studies and two video case studies produced
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