What is our approach?

Midnight’s approach to campaign planning is two-fold. We combine story hunting and story creation to develop narratives to give our clients a truly competitive edge. Just as importantly, we put commercial or organisational objectives at the heart of the campaign.

Story hunting

Midnight takes an investigative journalism approach to campaign planning.

We’ll start with a kick off workshop where we’ll interview your key spokespeople or stakeholders – and perhaps some of the people at the coalface too.

So often there is hidden gold in an organisation which is simply not being mined. Our teams will unearth the stories that aren’t being told to give you the recognition you deserve.

Once identified, we’ll find creative angles to align your commercial objectives and key messages with what the media are interested in. It’s our job to find the space where the two can overlap.

Story creation

In order to give our campaigns longevity and depth we’ll also seek to create stories on behalf of our clients.

Whether that’s taking an internal issue and linking it creatively to a news item or producing research or designing an issues-based campaign for our clients to champion, we’ll find creative ways to weave your messages into a media-friendly narrative.
Then it’s onto planning out a programme of results-driven tactics!

Our campaigns are creative, proactive and deliver results our clients can measure. Once a project is complete, we produce a detailed campaign evaluation to show how far your investment has gone.

Our meticulous reporting has been recognised by the CIPR which awarded Midnight GOLD for Best Use of Planning, Research, Measurement and Evaluation at the CIPR PRide Awards.

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