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Insurance PR agency

Midnight is a leading insurance PR agency specialising in PR, thought leadership, social media and content campaigns for insurance brokers, providers and brands operating in the insurance sector

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Insurance PR
Getting Results

That’s the kind of thing every other insurance PR agency would say. Of course, we have a strong track record delivering successful, results-focused PR campaigns. And yes, we’ve won an award or two in the process (you can read about them here.)

Insurance sector brands rely on us for their campaigns because we get results and our clients tell us we’re proactive, collaborative and enjoyable to work with.

What do you need from your insurance PR agency?

If you’re an insurance broker, provider or business within the insurance sector, you already have a wealth of newsworthy opportunities in your hands. You just haven’t had an expert team to extract and tell the stories that build a connection with your audience.

Why settle for dry press releases pushed out to the same-old publications every month? Let us help you gain more attention, secure more coverage and tell your brand story the right way.

We know what gets media attention – people and insights. Trust us to speak with your people, ask the right questions and dig out the insights media outlets crave.

This approach delivered strong results for our insurance broker client, Howden. A winning combination of sector expertise, our own research and a rich seam of data allowed us to build insights around topics relevant to audiences in key service areas. Our team authored a range of leadership assets on these topical and emerging issues. The strategy beautifully positioned Howden in each of its target markets. And sales and marketing teams had powerful assets to support their activity.

What do you need from your insurance PR agency?

When you start working with us, you quickly experience a different approach as we raise the bar higher. For a start, we don’t sound like a ‘PR supplier’. We’re more like that direct friend who always has your back and is right by your side when you need them.

We don’t complicate or use jargon to confuse. Tell us your business objectives and we’ll align our campaign, KPIs and reporting to help you ‘know’ the value of your PR investment and communicate this within your organisation. We give you the information you need to hold us to account for the results we deliver (we’ll be the first to celebrate the good news!).

We’re more than a supplier. We’re your strategic PR partner.

You want more than an insurance PR provider. You want a PR partner with whom you can grow. We can deliver all the strategy and tactics you’d expect from a great insurance PR agency – and quite a bit more.

The clients who stay with us longest tell us that we’re often the first agency that truly becomes part of their team. Clients are confident they can trust us with their people, business objectives and growth.

Unlike other agencies, we only ask you to commit to six months. Why? Because we’re confident enough in our ability to get the results you want, you’ll want us to stay much longer. Take a glance at our success stories and you’ll see a pattern of either results achieved quickly or long-term partnerships where we’ve grown a regional or national brand in our time together.

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Our insurance PR services


There’s a reason we’ve won more than 60 awards for our PR campaigns. It’s what we do best. Because we know how to align your expertise with the stories and topics journalists and media outlets are covering. Our support ranges from strategic, multi-layered PR campaigns to reach core audiences at local, regional or national level to the cut-and-thrust of “news hijacking” and having the agility and creativity to score exposure for you. Trust us to secure coverage in the right places and give your brand the exposure it deserves.

Thought leadership

You have the experts. You have the data (and if you don’t, let’s find it). Let us take your best assets and develop a thought leadership strategy to support your broader business objectives. Whether it’s opening up new markets or building your profile in key service areas, we know how to do it. Our team can identify opportunities and leverage media relationships to place features and comments or pitch speaking opportunities to position your people and brand, and more. Using our copywriting services, we can author powerful thought leadership assets using your data and expertise to support your sales and marketing activities.


We transform your key messages, ideas and insights into powerful thought leadership and content assets to build credibility with your audience. Our copywriting services range from developing your website copy to authoring white papers, blogs and reports. With strong editorial experience within our team we know how to write to pack an emotional punch and win attention. Lean on us when you need content assets and copywriting support for your marketing team or professionally-written awards entries to raise your profile.

Press office

With our press office function, we deal with incoming media requests, handle relationships and publish news releases for our insurance sector clients. With our team, you can feel confident any media contact is handled expertly. Yet we go further. Within weeks of commencing our work, we build relationships with your key people, helping them establish trust in us early on, so they can relax, giving them confidence in how we will present them to the media and knowing they are well supported through interviews, and beyond. Our approach has helped brands breakthrough in the national press and establish their people as go-to experts for comment, with impactful results.

Investor value

Whether you’re looking to grow your firm’s reputation, build your brand or increase value in your business ahead of an exit or merger, we have a proven track record in helping firms achieve their objectives through targeted campaign activity designed to attract investors and partners. We are also skilled at helping position you as a strong employer brand to attract the best talent in a highly competitive jobs market.


How we approach social is different from how other agencies in the insurance sector do social. Our approach is strategic and joined-up. If we’re working on your PR campaign, we use social to support and amplify PR activity for optimal reach. And we can develop complete, creative social media campaigns to deliver your key messages and tone of voice through creative content, video and design. Let us plan your next social campaign and show you how we’re trusted to launch, manage and grow the social media accounts for our insurance sector clients.

Global insurance firm Arch Insurance hired us to build its profile and, as part of our research, we identified its key audiences were most engaged on LinkedIn. A key metric for our campaign was building Arch’s LinkedIn following and by delivering the right content speaking to the needs of its audience, we grew its LinkedIn following from zero to 5,000 followers in a few months. Read the full case study here.

Monitoring and evaluation

Attracting attention for your brand with PR and social media campaigns is good. Getting tangible results for your organisation is better. Knowing how to understand, quantify and communicate the value of your PR investment is the best – and we help you tell that story. We agree on KPIs that align with your business objectives and tailor our reporting and analysis to focus on whether our campaigns and activity deliver on those KPIs. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated, so it’s not.

Media training

In the fast-paced media landscape, it’s likely your spokespeople will be thrust in front of a camera at some point to deliver a key message or two. When this happens, be sure your people have the confidence to know how to respond appropriately to journalists’ questions. Through our media training, we coach clients on how to deliver their message and communicate in the right way, whatever the situation from crisis management to delivering good news.

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