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Midnight is a leading B2B PR agency specialising in PR, social media, copywriting and press office support for B2B and corporate PR clients. But what makes Midnight the right choice as your new B2B PR agency?

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Getting Results

We could introduce you to our portfolio of wonderful clients who stick with us for years. We could point to all the lovely awards our team has won. (Oh, go on then. Take a little peek if you want, here. Or we could point to the years of experience and expertise our team brings to everything we do.

While all these points make us sound wonderful, we know the real reason why so many brands rely upon us for their PR.

The real reason why brands choose Midnight for B2B PR

Businesses and brands come to us for the results and stay with us because we get it.

We understand that our working relationship is often as important as the work. If you like your agency friendly, proactive and refreshingly down to earth, we could be a great match. Switching out agencies every couple of years due to a lack of results can be disruptive. We get the results you want, so you don’t need to.

We’re by your side and on your side. Trust us to build relationships and quickly become a part of your team, by your side when you need us. And we’re on your side, championing the impact of PR when you need to communicate value to the wider organisation.

Read what our B2B clients say about working with Midnight here.

We selected Midnight to help us build our brand exposure as the independent voice for building costs and carbon. Their down-to-earth and jargon-free approach, combined with their experience of working in insurance and construction sectors and their passion and enthusiasm for our objectives really won us over.

Richard MacLeanChief Markets Officer, BCIS

This is how we do B2B PR. The right way.

PR doesn’t need to be complicated. So we don’t complicate it.

It can be tricky communicating the value of your PR investment to your organisation. Instead of drowning you in metrics, we tailor our reports to help you get an answer to the question, “is it working?” And because the answer is usually “yes”, we know you’re more likely to want to keep working with us.

Surely, it’s better to build a relationship on results rather than tying you into a long contract? We thought so, too. And it’s why we ask you to give us six months to show you what we can do.

We’re more than a B2B PR agency. We’re your B2B PR partner.

We do everything you’d expect a B2B PR agency to do.

We’re sure you know the drill by now – PR, social media, copywriting, media monitoring, community engagement… the whole nine yards. And while our team are specialists in everything on this list, we think you want more than that.

As your PR partner, we share our connections and offer strategic consultancy to further your broader business objectives.

Our PR, social and community campaign with Newhaven Enterprise Zone supported the business case for inward investment into the town. With Newhaven’s success impacting so many other organisations in Sussex, we saw an opportunity to foster collaboration and partnerships for mutual benefit. By sharing our connections and network, the NEZ team is now working in partnership with another client, London Gatwick. Discover the full case study here.

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What to expect

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Briefing process

Target audience mapping

Campaign planning

Campaign tactics and implementation

Campaign analysis and measurement

Our B2B PR approach

Briefing process

Tell us exactly what you want to achieve or share your business objectives. Don’t hold back. If you have ambitious targets, we want to know where you’re heading and we’ll create a PR strategy to take you there. Of course, we’ll be honest and open about what we can achieve with your budget realistically and in the timescale. But if there’s a team who can deliver it, it’s us.

Target audience mapping

Tell us your target audience for your campaign, and we’ll find them. We understand B2B and will map the right audiences to help you achieve your objectives, and using right approach to get on their radar. Our network includes qualitative research experts who can deliver rich insights into your target audience. And if we feel another audience may be more fruitful or present an opportunity, we’ll talk to you about targeting them, too.

Campaign planning

We take a two-step approach to campaign planning. Our first step working together is a kick-off workshop with your key stakeholders and our team. During this session, we discuss and agree on messaging, strategic positioning, objectives and priorities for the campaign.

Importantly, we use this opportunity to uncover any hidden stories we can use in our activity. With the rigour of an investigative reporter, we unearth stories of your people and your brand that aren’t being told. We use these to work up creative angles to align your objectives and messages with stories and issues the media are interested in. If there’s gold (and there always is), our team finds it and uses it to tell your story in the most compelling way possible.

The second part of our campaign planning process is story creation. Creating stories on behalf of clients gives our campaigns longevity and depth. Whether we’re linking your experience to news items, producing research or creating an issues-based campaign to champion, we’ll find a way to weave your message into a media-friendly narrative.

Our next step is planning out a programme of results-driven tactics and how we implement this together.

Campaign tactics and implementation

Our team work through the planned B2B PR campaign tactics around the key themes we’re looking to communicate and position your brand. With more than 20 years’ experience delivering multilayered PR, social and thought leadership campaigns at a local, regional and national level, we know the right tactics for the results you want. You want to know what’s happening when, and who is responsible. Our process ensures you have full clarity over our programme.

Campaign analysis and measurement

The success of any campaign relies on demonstrating a return on investment. Not only do we deliver clarity over your results, but we do so in a way you can communicate clearly to stakeholders. In our first meeting, we’ll agree on KPIs and metrics aligned with achieving your business objectives. Once a project is complete, and at regular intervals throughout a campaign, we produce a detailed campaign evaluation to show progress against those KPIs and show how far your investment has gone.

Key B2B PR services


We live and breathe B2B PR. We thrive on securing B2B media coverage for clients and unearthing opportunities to gain exposure for your brand, and often to help businesses punch above weight. Of course, it helps when you have a team with strong journalism credentials that knows how to dig out topical, human-interest stories and win media attention.

We know how journalists think… because many on our team have the same background. And we know how to dig out a great story that is guaranteed to secure coverage – like our global PR campaign for Crown Worldwide. We secured extensive top-tier coverage for the logistics brand by capturing on camera its 75-year-old billionaire CEO performing push-ups to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary.

Thought leadership

Our thought leadership strategies position your B2B brand in alignment with your business goals. Choose the sector or audience with whom you want to position your brand, and let us do the rest. We’ll identify the right editorial opportunities and mine our network to connect with the right journalists. And using your insight and experience, we can also develop reports, white papers, and other thought leadership assets your whole team can use.

Leadership development firm, Black Isle Group, sought our help to raise the profile of its brand and individual fee earners during a period of growth. By identifying the relevant editorial opportunities and emerging issues in its key service sectors, we succeeded in placing by-lined features and articles in target publications. We produced thought leadership pieces to use across the business in line with its revised positioning. Read the full case study here.


Putting your message into words and telling the story of your brand is one of our superpowers. Trust us to find the words to communicate the value you bring to your clients. We cover all your copywriting and content needs, ensuring we incorporate your key messages and tone of voice throughout.

For Howden Insurance, our team was able to engage the broker’s experts to produce a broad range of articles, brochures, blogs and whitepapers. These became valuable assets for use by its sales and marketing teams.

Our copywriting services are award-winning. But only in the sense that we’re skilled at writing award entries for clients and getting the desired result – your moment of glory on stage that helps build credibility, trust and interest well beyond the awards ceremony. Our successful award-writing strategy helped workplace catering brand Eurest secure five award wins, including Business & Industry Caterer of the Year Award at the Foodservice Cateys in 2022.


Social for B2B brands doesn’t have to be boring. So let’s do it right. We run organic and promoted social media campaigns for our clients. And we’re also pretty good coming up with creative content for social media, including video, animations and graphics.

We love taking a joined-up approach to all our client activity, and if we’re running your PR campaign, we use social to amplify PR activity to increase its impact.

Together, we plan social media campaigns in advance and tailor content carefully to your brand’s key messages and tone of voice. When you know the output is going to be on point, like many of our clients, you may end up trusting us to run entire social channels on your behalf. 

This is exactly what we did for London-based property developer Socius. For five years, we managed the social media for its landmark development, Edward Street Quarter in Brighton as part of our joined up comms campaign. Our team produced a flood of endlessly creative and engaging content with new angles and hooks to ensure the development stayed front of mind among key stakeholders. Read the full case study here.

Press office

Trust is one of our strongest values. The relationships we form with your people at every level in the organisation elevates your press office. Of course, we can answer journalist enquiries and set up calls like every other press office – but we aim to deliver so much more. When opportunities for last-minute comments pop up, we want your people and brand to be the first that journalists go to. Building great relationships is our secret weapon to securing press coverage. And we make it easy and fun for your team and your people, as we did with regional law firm Thomas Eggar’s (now Irwin Mitchell) spokespeople. Its spokespeople were so proud of the national press coverage we were securing for the firm, it became something of a competition between fee earners in the battle to be the first to provide media comment. Read the full story here.

Investor value

Whether you have a merger, acquisition or exit in your sights, we know how to create campaigns to enhance investor value. We work with B2B businesses of all sizes to build awareness of their brand on a national level, positioning their people in key sectors with thought leadership strategies and have been integral to building investor value through communicating ESG, CSR and D&I initiatives.

Monitoring and evaluation

We avoid jargon and keep it simple. You want to quickly and easily understand and share the story of how effectively your PR activity is working. Our approach couldn’t be more straightforward. Together, we identify the relevant and appropriate KPIs for your campaigns that demonstrate how your PR investment has supported your business goals. The reports we share with you at our monthly meetings are tailored to what you want to know rather than packed with metrics and fluff designed to make the agency look smart.

For our work with Sky Sports Living In Sport, Midnight won CIPR Gold Award for Best Planning, Measurement and Evaluation (along with many other award wins). As well as meeting its key organisation objective – school sign ups – the campaign for its school sports skills initiative delivered a significant uplift in traffic across its website and social media channels.

Media training

When you’re putting your people in front of the media, you want to be confident they’re going to deliver the key messages and themes you want to communicate to your audience. Our training is tailored to help coach clients to understand how the media works, how to approach interviews the right way and communicate in a filmed environment. Avoid awkward silences and missteps to give your people the confidence to step up in front of the camera and present your brand in its best light.

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