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Property and construction PR agency

Midnight is an award-winning PR agency with extensive experience working with property developers, construction companies and other firms within the property and construction sector in the UK and Europe.

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Property & Construction PR
Getting Results

What do you really want from a property PR agency?

Speak with our clients, and not only are they likely to tell you we’re the best PR agency they’ve worked with, but they’ll also rave about working with our team.

From our first call, you’ll experience how we work a little differently from most. We’re less ‘supplier’ and more an honest, experienced friend with a supportive ear and a guiding hand when you need it. And, if you’re like our many other clients, you’ll actually enjoy our regular calls.

Caring is sharing and we also love sharing our network to help you grow. What sets Midnight apart from many other property PR agencies is our focus on being a more strategic PR partner who can bring together associated and relevant connections to do and achieve more. If we think you could benefit from connecting with another organisation in our network that helps deliver better results or wider impact, we’ll make it happen. We love a win-win.

We think you’ll like how we do property and construction PR.

Agencies that specialise in property or construction PR tend to have a reputation for focusing on activities we’ve all seen before. We believe your company will have more to offer than a few dry press releases and an interview or two in the trade press.

What makes your company a success is your people. And, for us, your people are our biggest source of opportunity to get the story of your brand out to the wider market. Clients trust us to work with their people at every level to dig out and give oxygen to the meaningful stories and issues that attract the attention of media outlets and their audiences. 

Of course, we do everything you’d expect of a property or construction PR agency, including social media marketing, content and copywriting, media monitoring and community engagement. But to us, these are simply the tactics in our wider strategy of delivering the message you want to communicate to your market.

You want more than a property PR agency. You want a PR partner.

Give us six months and see the impact we can deliver for your team. Only six months? Yes, we don’t lock you into 12-months because we don’t need to. Our approach is proven to work for our clients in the construction industry and we’re confident we can deliver results for you.

Often six months can turn into years working in partnership with stunning results. Like our work with London-based property developer Socius on its £140 million Edward Street Quarter mixed-use development in Brighton. Midnight was initially brought on to support the planning application in 2017 and as the development progressed our team continued to work in partnership at every stage until project completion. 

In the process, we’ve shown what can be achieved between a property developer and PR partner working closely from consent to cutting the ribbon. In those six years, we’ve become Socius’s feet-on-the-ground in community engagement, working with local press, connecting with strategic partners and representing the firm.

Discover more about our ground-breaking (pun intended) partnership with Socius here.

We make PR for property and construction companies uncomplicated.

We understand that the value of PR can be hard to communicate more broadly in an organisation so we make it straightforward. You’ll experience the difference from our first call when we get clear on your objectives and start planning to deliver the results you want. Results – and clearly demonstrating the value of our relationship – are our focus. And making working together simple, straightforward and enjoyable is how we like to do it. If that sounds like the kind of difference you can get on board with, we could be a great fit. 

Discover more about the Midnight difference here.

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Property and construction PR services


At the heart of everything we do are our award-winning PR campaigns and the close relationship we enjoy with our clients, which drives us to keep pushing our standards even higher to show the power of impactful PR activity done in the right way. The secret to our success? We know what journalists and media outlets look for in a news story. And we know because our team has a strong journalistic background (which is rarer in PR than you’d think…). With this advantage, we understand how to craft campaigns that gain attention at whatever level you’re looking to enhance your profile – local, regional or national. 


Our copywriting services deliver all the content you need to both support your sales and marketing efforts, or as part of broader PR campaign activity. Here’s another way our editorial expertise benefits our clients, as we’re able to research, interview and extract the right insight and analysis to author blogs, white papers and reports that get attention and build credibility with your audience. We’re also a dab hand at award-writing and helping you show your business in the best light to judging panels.

Thought leadership

Whether you’re looking to position your business or brand on a regional or national level or strengthen your reputation in certain sectors, we know what gets results for construction sector firms. Tell us where you want to enhance your positioning and we’ll build a strategy that may include bringing key people in your organisation to the fore to provide expert comment and opinion, use your data and experience to lead conversations or develop assets such as white papers and reports that can be used more widely by your marketing team. 

Having split out as a separate entity from Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the Building Cost Information Service (BCIS) wanted to establish the company as a standalone brand and position itself as a thought leader in building costs in the sector. In just six months! Working with its stakeholders, we used its vast body of data to produce meaningful findings to gain PR coverage. Not only did we place a range of relevant articles in key press and place speakers at leading conferences, but we also built powerful thought leadership assets in the form of reports that could be leveraged by the sales and marketing team in conversations with clients.

Discover more about our BCIS success story here.

Social for property and construction

The way Midnight handles social media for our property industry clients blends developing on-brand and engaging content that drives results and an integrated approach using social as a means to amplify PR activity. We’re often trusted to run the social channels for entire developments and our team is widely praised by our clients for our ability to deliver a stream of original, inventive ideas to grab and hold the attention of your audience. As with the Socius example above, Midnight ran the social media for its entire development and we were trusted to create, develop and publish the right content to keep audiences engaged and aligned with the wider campaign on multiple channels.

Press office

You want the confidence that media enquiries are being handled by an expert, experienced team – we deliver your press office and more. When we start working together, early on we look to build relationships with key people in your organisation with whom we can collaborate with on potential opportunities. By being responsive to media requests and opportunities, we support your aims of gaining valuable coverage in the right places, building relationships with journalists and enhancing your reputation.

Investor value

If your objective is building a reputation to facilitate future investment, sale or exit, Midnight has experience delivering this time and again for clients. Show us your vision of what you want to achieve and we’ll create a PR strategy to tell the right story about your organisation to the right audiences and drive investor value to where you want it to be.

Monitoring and evaluation

One of the major challenges for the marketing team in a property or construction firm is quantifying and communicating the value of your PR investment. So we make it simple. Right at the start of the relationship, we work with you to choose the right KPIs that align with your business objectives and tailor our reporting. No hiding behind reams of vanity metrics. Just results, clear and simple.

Media training

How confident are you that the key people in your organisation can handle a journalist’s questions under pressure? Or knows how to communicate a key message with a live camera pointing at them? Media training is all about confidence and knowing what the media outlet wants from the interviewee. Whether it’s crisis management, handling press questions under pressure, or simply having the confidence to conduct interviews in a filmed environment, we tailor our media training to exactly what you need.

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